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To be  recognised as leaders in providing high quality care and education, where a strong sense of belonging/whanaungatanga is promoted and partnerships with parents/whanau are nurtured and valued.We pride ourselves in recognising each child’s individuality and igniting in them a passion for learning.

Our learning priorities will be part of everything we do and underpin the culture of Gladstone Preschool.


  • Valuing each child as a unique learner with their individual funds of knowledge.
  • Providing an environment that promote inquiry.
  • Exploration and challenges that support children to be meaningfully involved in thier learning.


  • Valuing each child and their journey.
  • Nurturing their self-esteem to develop a confident and competent leaners.
  • Equipped with effective communication skills and strong resilience.


  • Valuing responsive ,predictable and recpectful interactions and routines with children and their families.
  • Supporting  a child's sense of belonging and welll-being.


  • Valuing positive , sensitive and reciprocal relationships with children, peers, family whanau and the wider community.


  • Valuing and embracing diversity.
  • Establishing collaborative partnerships that support shared aspirations and expectation.
  • Valuing and acknowledging the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.